Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is K.I.S.S.

K.I.S.S. is an acronyn for Keep it Simple Sister.  It was started by a group of women who were tired, fed up and over it!  They didn't need one more event, pot luck or obligation.  They just wanted to get together with other women who were seeking truth in a complicated world without all the hoopla and props.  They wanted to be in friendship with other women without having to serve, cook, take care of, dress up, decorate, sing, do a game, or otherwise adorn the time with anything other than simple truth.  The need in these women coincided with a calling that had been bubbling up in Kat Silverglate for years.  "I knew that I wasn't alone in my craving for simplicity. When I discussed the idea for KISS with other like-minded women, they encouaged me to get it started.  I figured if GOD was giving the inspiration, it wasn't up to me to question it.  All I could do was give it a try,"  shared Kat Silverglate in her reflections about the early roots of K.I.S.S.  So, what is it exactly?  K.I.S.S. is a lecture every month or so on a topic that typically affects women.  Each topic is intensely practical and ends with a biblically based K.I.S.S. principle that can be applied to every day life.  The messages are designed to take women to a new level of peace, simplicity and truth in life.  The events are simple.  So simple in fact, it may alarm you the first time you come to one.  Eat before you come, there is no food.  Make sure you have a sitter, there is no child care.  Don't worry about ice breakers, there won't be any.  Women come, the speaker opens with a short  prayer, delivers a lecture and then suggests a short exercise to drive home the message.  Nobody ever has to talk, share or do anything.  "The irony with women is that once you tell them they don't have to talk, that's all they want to do.  Our last standing room only event ended at 8:30.  The room didn't clear out till 10.   It's amazing to watch women in a safe environment.  The veils melt away."  Kat, head of women's ministry at Everglades Community Church, is a retired civil trial lawyer who found peace in the simplicy of the Gospel.  "When someone handed me the bible the first time and said 'all the answers are in here,' they may as well have given me an elephant and said 'here, eat this.'  I had no idea where to start.  I started by going to church and looking up the scriptures my pastor Win Green was preaching about.  They were simple and his sermons helped me to see how they applied to my life in a practical way.  As I've grown spiritually, I've realized that we all need that simple practical path into the bible.  So, this is my way of giving the gift I was given back to women.  It's my way of KISSing them.  The simplicty of the gospel will change your life, if you apply it.  I want women to laugh and cry and scratch their heads together and have that ah-ha moment where they see the light come on and freedom is born in a part of their life where they never thought they'd have freedom.  There's nothing like it."  To learn more about KISS, you can subscribe to this blog and get regular updates or you can send one email to and you will be put on the invitation list.  But remember, because the organizers have limited seating and their events are generally standing room only, they operate on a first-to-RSVP-first-to-get-to-come basis.   If you missed Love Without Props, Just Walk Away or The Art of Peace for Women Only, you won't want to miss their next event -- Should I Kiss the Frog or Eat It? A Primer on Getting Unstuck for Women Only-- December 14 at 7 pm at A Place In Time Christian Ministries Community Center in Pembroke Pines Florida.  "Our commitment is to Keep it Simple Sisters.  We hope you join us."